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By Arizona ENT
February 24, 2021
Category: Hearing Aids
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We don’t always realize just how much we rely on our hearing until it begins to diminish. Hearing loss commonly occurs as part of the aging process, but other factors can also affect your ability to hear. If you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid can help you hear better. The exceptional doctors at Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in  Sun City, and Sun City West, AZ, can recommend specific hearing aids that meet your needs and personal preferences.

Hearing Loss

Aging is one cause of hearing loss. Other possible causes include illness, infection, or injury to the ear, such as a ruptured eardrum. Hearing loss can also be hereditary for some individuals. Another factor that can affect hearing is exposure to extremely loud noises. For example, attending loud music concerts without wearing earplugs could lead to hearing loss.

There are different types of hearing loss, including central, conductive, sensorineural, and mixed. Each type might be caused by different factors or associated with damage to specific parts of the ear.

Central: Sometimes referred to as central auditory processing disorder, this type of hearing loss is caused by the failure of the central nervous system to send the brain recognizable auditory signals.

Conductive: Associated with damage to the eardrum, middle ear, or ear canal, which can be the result of several factors, including a punctured eardrum, an ear infection, allergies, ear fluid in the middle ear, or congenital abnormalities in the ear.

Sensorineural: Associated with damage to both the inner ear and auditory nerve. Damage can be due to exposure to loud noises, aging, an ear infection, a viral infection, allergies, a head injury, or disease.

Mixed: Associated with damage to the inner, middle, or outer ear, which results in both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

Types of Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is a device that can be worn around or inside the ear to improve hearing. Several hearing aid models are available to suit a wide range of personal preferences and needs. Types of hearing aids available at our office in Sun City West include behind the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal, open fit, full shell, and half shell. Some models fit over the ear, while others are worn inside the ear. Additionally, some models have greater volume control. Our experienced doctors can help you select the type of hearing aid that is right for you.

You could benefit from a hearing aid if your ability to hear has diminished. One of the skilled doctors at Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in Sun City West, AZ, can determine if you need hearing aids. Call (623) 975-1660 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are also available at our Sun City location by calling (623) 972-2951

By Arizona ENT
April 03, 2019
Category: Hearing Aids
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According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), approximately 20 percent of Americans (48hearing aid million people) report suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Depending on the type, cause, and severity of this hearing loss, hearing aids can improve quality of life by making it easier for people to communicate. If you are looking to counteract your hearing impairments, the specialists at Arizona ENT in Sun City and Sun City West, AZ, offer a range of diagnostic and treatment options to help you!

Hearing Aids from our Sun City Offices

Hearing aid devices use microphones and speakers to help amplify sounds so that people with hearing loss can participate in conversations and hear what is happening in their surroundings. There are different types of hearing aids available, which have been modernized and improved thanks to digital technology. They include:

  • In the Canal: In the canal hearing aids are custom designed to fit completely inside the canal, and they are a good option for mild to moderate hearing loss. A smaller portion of the device is visible outside the ear than with other models.
  • Invisible in the Canal: This model is placed further in the ear canal so that it is completely invisible and is a good option for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.
  • Receiver in Canal: The receiver/microphone portion of the device is placed inside the canal and attached to the device behind the ear with a wire.
  • In the Ear: A slightly larger device that is placed in the outer ear (either full or half-shell options are available). The device is visible to the naked eye but fits inside the ear. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Behind the Ear: The device hooks over and rests behind the ear and connects to an amplifier in the ear canal. Appropriate for most types of hearing loss.

Interested? Call one of our Sun City Offices Today!

For more information about hearing aids and treatment options for hearing loss, contact Arizona ENT today to schedule an appointment with an ear doctor. Dial (623) 972-2951 for Sun City, and (623) 975-1660 in Sun City West.

By Arizona ENT
September 07, 2018
Category: Hearing Aids
Tags: hearing loss  

Approximately 20 percent of Americans say that they struggle with hearing loss according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, andHearing Aid many others don't realize or accept it. Some patients hesitate to admit that they are having hearing problems because they are afraid of having to wear clunky hearing devices. If you find yourself continually asking people to repeat themselves, or you need to listen to television or music programs with the volume all the way up, you may benefit from a modern hearing aid. Learn more about the options available at Arizona ENT in Sun City and Sun City West, AZ.

Types of Hearing Aids
Modern hearing aids are more discreet, effective and attractive to wear. These are some of the most common types that your Sun City and Sun City West, AZ, ENT doctor may recommend:

  • Invisible or completely in the canal (hidden; an option if you're very self-conscious about the device showing).
  • In the ear or in the canal (fits snugly inside of the ear and matches your skin tone).
  • Behind the ear device (a tube is placed inside the ear canal with the casing device hidden behind the ear flap).
  • Receiver in canal (a speaker device is placed inside the canal and is mostly hidden).

Benefits of Wearing a Hearing Aid
Wearing a hearing aid will increase your reaction time and your ability to communicate with others. If you've been avoiding social situations or outdoor exercise because of hearing problems, wearing the device will allow you to return to your normal activities. You can remove your hearing aid at night to ensure comfortable while sleeping. In many cases patients keep their the same device for up to seven years, so you won’t have to worry about getting a new one anytime soon. It is an important investment in your auditory health.

Schedule a Hearing Consultation
Before you and your Sun City and Sun City West, AZ, ENT can decide on the best hearing aid for you, you'll have to complete a hearing exam. The doctor will do a visual check of your ears and perform what is called an audiometry evaluation. The way that you respond to this test will determine which type of hearing aid will be best for your situation.

Hear Better, Live Better
When you don't feel like you can hear clearly, it affects your quality of life, but a solution is available at Arizona ENT in Sun City and Sun City West, AZ. Call (623) 975-1660 for Sun City West or (623) 972-2951 for Sun City today to schedule a consultation and find out if hearing aids will fit your needs and lifestyle.

By Arizona ENT
April 29, 2016
Category: Hearing Aids
Tags: hearing aids  

When you think of hearing aids, do you picture big, bulky appliances that must constantly be adjusted? Thanks to innovations in hearing aidstechnology, hearing aids are smaller and more effective than ever. Dr. Ralph E Bassett, Dr. Sanford R Hoffman, Dr. Paul B Borgesen and Dr. Judith A. Waiser--your Sun City West, AZ ear, nose and throat team--explain how hearing aids can help you.

Why do I need a hearing aid?

A hearing aid can help you if the hair cells in your inner ear have been damaged due to disease, exposure to loud noises, aging or as a side effect of a medication. You may benefit from a hearing aid if you notice any of these signs:

  • It seems as if people are constantly mumbling, and you have to ask them to repeat what they said.
  • It's difficult to keep up with conversations because you don't hear every word.
  • You can't hear what someone says clearly if they're in another room.
  • Your family complains that the TV is too loud when you watch it.
  • You have trouble hearing when you use the telephone.
  • You've given up watching movies or going to the theater because of your hearing loss.
  • Your hearing loss causes difficulty at work or in your personal relationships.

How can a hearing aid in Sun City West help?

A hearing aid makes sounds louder and may help reduce background noise that can make it difficult to hear clearly. Some hearing aids fit in your ear canal, while others are placed behind your ear or in your outer ear. Both analog and digital aids are available. Both types can be adjusted to handle a variety of situations. For example, if you are in a noisy place, you can change the setting to one that helps reduce background noise.

Are you interested in learning how a hearing aid can improve your hearing? Call Dr. Ralph E Bassett, Dr. Sanford R Hoffman, Dr. Paul B Borgesen and Dr. Judith A. Waiser at (623) 975-1660 to schedule a hearing evaluation in Sun City West, AZ. Enjoy better hearing with a hearing aid!

By Arizona ENT
November 20, 2015
Category: Hearing Aids
Tags: hearing aids  

Could your life be improved by hearing aids? Read on to learn more about these devices.

Have you noticed that you're constantly turning up the volume on a radio or television? Do you strain to listen during social or work hearing aidsfunctions? You may be dealing with hearing loss, which is a common problem seen by the otolaryngologists at Arizona ENT in Sun City West, Arizona. Our medical staff - Dr. Ralph Bassett, Dr. Sanford Hoffman, Dr. Paul Borgeson and Audiologist Judith Waiser - often recommend hearing aids to people who visit their office with these and other complaints. They've answered a few of the common questions about hearing aids here.

What are some signs my hearing may be impaired?

Some people naturally mumble or speak at a lower-than-normal volume that makes them difficult to understand. However, if you find yourself needing almost everyone to repeat themselves during a conversation, your hearing may be diminishing. You may also notice that you need to see a person's face while talking with them, a sign that you are unconsciously lip-reading in order to understand what they're saying. Crowded or noisy situations, such as movie theaters, family gatherings or social events, may be especially frustrating because you cannot differentiate a conversation from the background noise. Our Sun City West patients often find themselves withdrawing from activities because the inability to hear can be extremely isolating.

Do I need two hearing aids if I only have loss on one side?

Physicians like those at Arizona ENT in Sun City West often recommend dual hearing aids for their patients, even if one ear is still functioning normally. This allows people to better locate where sounds are coming from; this is especially helpful for amplifying one-on-one conversations in places where there is a lot of background noise. Two hearing aids usually reduces the need to turn up the volume on one side, which cuts back on the screeching "feedback" that can occur when the hearing aid's volume is too high.

How can I get hearing aids?

You will need a full evaluation from one of your Sun City West ENT professionals. The various tests and thorough examination of your ears will help determine if hearing aids will improve your situation.

If you'd like to set up an appointment to have your hearing evaluated, contact our Sun City West office today.

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