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By Arizona ENT
September 29, 2021
Category: ENT Conditions
Tags: Deviated Septum  

Most people have at least some level of deviation between their nostrils, although it's not enough to cause concern. Many may not even experience some of the more minor symptoms, and those that do could see relief with minimally invasive treatment. But it's those for whom the condition is severe that something more involved, such as surgery, may be recommended. Whatever the spectrum of your symptoms may be, if you think you are suffering from a deviated septum you can turn to your Sun City West, AZ, nose doctor for guidance, and treatment. Learn more by reaching out to your experts of Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians.

Deviated Septum

What we call the septum serves as a separation between the nostrils, to keep the flow of air even between them. For the majority of us, there is a degree of difference between the sizes of these passages. We may be simply born with a slightly deviated septum, but as it's sometimes the case, nose injuries can bring about the condition.

Signs and Symptoms

There are possible signs that you may be suffering from a deviated septum, such as a noticeable difference between both nostrils as you breathe. You may notice extra dryness on one side, which can also manifest in nosebleeds. Recurring sinus infections are also something to be on the lookout for, as these could be a sign of more severe complications.


If the above symptoms are affecting your everyday life then it's time to see your Sun City West, AZ, nose doctor for an evaluation. Chronic sinus infections, as well as nosebleeds, and facial pain, are all possible complications of a deviated septum.


Your doctor can examine your air passages and determine the extent of deviation between your nostrils. Medication may be the first approach to help manage the symptoms, medication in the form of nasal sprays, decongestants, and antihistamines. But for severe cases of a deviated septum, your doctor may prescribe surgery to provide you with much-needed relief.

If you believe a deviated septum could be to blame for recurring sinus problems, then schedule a consultation today with the experts of Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in Sun City West, AZ, by dialing (623) 975-1660.

By Arizona ENT
September 20, 2021
Category: ENT Care
Tags: ear infections  
Preventing Ear InfectionsDo you deal with painful ear infections often? Does your child? We all know how painful an ear infection can be and we also know that as with any health problem, it is always easier (and better) to prevent it whenever possible. Didn’t realize there were things you could do to lessen the chances of developing an ear infection? Well, now you’re about to find out…

Practice Good Hygiene

Some ear infections occur as a result of a cold or flu, so it’s important that you protect yourself from viral infections to reduce your risk for an ear infection, too. This means practicing proper handwashing, avoiding those who are sick, and not touching your mouth or face.

Find Allergy Relief

Allergies can also cause some serious issues. If you find yourself getting ear infections around the wintertime this could be the result of allergies. To prevent swelling of the Eustachian tubes you should find an allergy nasal spray that can better control your symptoms and

Get the Flu Shot

As we mentioned above, getting the flu can also lead to an ear infection. So if you are someone who notoriously finds themselves battling an ear infection after the flu, the best way to protect yourself and those around you is to get the flu shot. The flu shot should be administered each year to those 6 months and older.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke

Smoking can also cause the Eustachian tubes of the ears to swell. This is why you should quit smoking if you currently smoke. It’s also particularly important for newborns and young children to avoid any environmental pollutants or smoky areas, as they are already particularly susceptible to ear infections and these environments can make it worse.

Breastfeed Your Newborn

Since children under 3 years old are particularly vulnerable to ear infections, one of the best ways to protect them is to breastfeed them. This is because breastmilk contains antibodies that can protect the baby from infections, including ear infections. It is recommended that women breastfeed their baby for at least the first six months, but can continue to breastfeed as long as they want.

If you are dealing with recurring or severe ear infections it’s always best to play it safe and to see a qualified ENT professional for an evaluation. Recurring ear infections can be a sign that something more is going on and warrants having it checked out.

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