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Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States. More than 31 million Americans have some type of hearing problem. Although hearing problems are commonly associated with the normal aging process, more than half of all hearing impaired persons are under the age of 65. Hearing difficulties are often unrecognized by the person involved, and as a result, most people wait 7 to 10 years before seeking help. The good news is that there is help for persons with hearing loss—but the first step is to visit an audiologist who can evaluate your hearing and determine the type and degree of your hearing loss.

Audiology Services

Our audiologists are trained to the Doctorate's degree level, are certified by the American Speech Language-Hearing Association and are licensed by the State of California. This expertise, coupled with access to the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools and rehabilitative services, ensures that our patients receive the finest hearing care available.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation
  • Hearing aid consultation and evaluation
  • Dispensing hearing aids including proper fitting of a full spectrum of technology levels and styles to suit a broad range of patient's needs
  • Counseling and aural rehabilitation

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional who diagnoses, treats, and manages individuals with hearing loss or balance problems. Audiologists have received a Doctorate's or doctoral degree from an accredited university graduate program. Their academic and clinical training provides the foundation for patient management from birth through adulthood. Audiologists determine appropriate patient treatment of hearing and balance problems by combining a complete history with a variety of specialized auditory and vestibular assessments. Based upon the diagnosis, the audiologist presents a variety of treatment options to patients with hearing impairment or balance problems. Audiologists dispense and fit hearing aids as part of a comprehensive habilitative program. Audiologists may be found working in medical centers and hospitals, private practice settings, schools, government health facilities and agencies, as well as colleges and universities. As a primary hearing health provider, audiologists refer patients to physicians when the hearing or balance problem requires medical or surgical evaluation or treatment.

Why See an Audiologist?

Audiologists hold Doctorate's or doctoral degrees from accredited universities with special training in the prevention, identification, assessment and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders. Audiologists are required to complete a full-time internship and pass a demanding national competency examination. By virtue of their graduate education, professional certification and licensure, audiologists are the most qualified professionals to perform hearing tests, refer patients for medical treatment and provide hearing rehabilitation services.

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