Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

We don’t always realize just how much we rely on our hearing until it begins to diminish. Hearing loss commonly occurs as part of the aging process, but other factors can also affect your ability to hear. If you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid can help you hear better. The exceptional doctors at Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in  Sun City, and Sun City West, AZ, can recommend specific hearing aids that meet your needs and personal preferences.

Hearing Loss

Aging is one cause of hearing loss. Other possible causes include illness, infection, or injury to the ear, such as a ruptured eardrum. Hearing loss can also be hereditary for some individuals. Another factor that can affect hearing is exposure to extremely loud noises. For example, attending loud music concerts without wearing earplugs could lead to hearing loss.

There are different types of hearing loss, including central, conductive, sensorineural, and mixed. Each type might be caused by different factors or associated with damage to specific parts of the ear.

Central: Sometimes referred to as central auditory processing disorder, this type of hearing loss is caused by the failure of the central nervous system to send the brain recognizable auditory signals.

Conductive: Associated with damage to the eardrum, middle ear, or ear canal, which can be the result of several factors, including a punctured eardrum, an ear infection, allergies, ear fluid in the middle ear, or congenital abnormalities in the ear.

Sensorineural: Associated with damage to both the inner ear and auditory nerve. Damage can be due to exposure to loud noises, aging, an ear infection, a viral infection, allergies, a head injury, or disease.

Mixed: Associated with damage to the inner, middle, or outer ear, which results in both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

Types of Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is a device that can be worn around or inside the ear to improve hearing. Several hearing aid models are available to suit a wide range of personal preferences and needs. Types of hearing aids available at our office in Sun City West include behind the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal, open fit, full shell, and half shell. Some models fit over the ear, while others are worn inside the ear. Additionally, some models have greater volume control. Our experienced doctors can help you select the type of hearing aid that is right for you.

You could benefit from a hearing aid if your ability to hear has diminished. One of the skilled doctors at Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in Sun City West, AZ, can determine if you need hearing aids. Call (623) 975-1660 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are also available at our Sun City location by calling (623) 972-2951

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