FAQs About Sinus Surgery

Ralph E Basset, MD of Arizona ENT is happy to serve the Sun City West community, and to relieve symptoms related to the ear, nose and throat. If you’re having trouble with your sinuses, learn about how sinus surgery by Dr. Bassett can help you resolve this Sinusproblem once and for all.

What Is Sinus Surgery?

When your sinuses get stuffed and clogged with fluids, bad bacteria has the perfect opportunity to flourish. When it does, an infection can develop, causing pain and difficulty breathing through the nasal passages. Sinus surgery is a procedure that allows your doctor to remove the bad tissue, clean the sinuses, and give you a fresh start. In some cases it is just a pocket of tissue that’s causing the obstruction, and in other cases it’s a polyp or foreign object. The doctor uses endoscopic tools to perform the surgery, which is a less invasive and more effective method according to many medical experts.

Will I Be Sedated During Sinus Surgery?

Yes, you will be sedated in advance of the sinus surgery with your Sun City West ENT so that you will not experience discomfort. While you’re asleep, your doctor will carefully monitor your condition while performing the procedure. You may also be prescribed medication after the appointment.

How Long Does Sinus Surgery Take?

A sinus surgery is commonly completed in just one visit. Expect to set aside a few hours out of your day to finish this procedure, and be prepared to take off from work so that you’ll have time to recover. Bring someone you trust along to the appointment as well. The recovery time varies, but can take three or more days.

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Sinus surgery is a procedure that can be completed in the office of Dr. Ralph E Bassett. Afterwards, you'll enjoy the relief of being able to breathe freely again. Call Dr. Bassett, your Sun City West ENT, at (623) 975-1660 to get your sinuses back to normal.

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