Signs You May Need Sinus Surgery

Let’s help you figure out how to finally get those severe sinus symptoms under control.sinus surgery

At some point, most people will end up dealing with sinus problems. Luckily, they often just go away on their own without needing more than an over-the-counter medication to manage symptoms. Unfortunately, millions of Americans aren’t as lucky. They deal with severe and uncomfortable sinus symptoms that last more than 12 weeks. If you are dealing with chronic sinusitis or other sinus problems, our Sun City West and Sun City, AZ, otolaryngologists are here to tell you the warning signs that it might be time to consider surgery.

Okay, we know that no one wants to undergo surgery and luckily most people dealing with sinus problems won’t ever have to. Our Sun City West and Sun City ENT doctor offers a lot of different ways to help get your symptoms under control. If medication is able to manage your symptoms than no other course of action is necessary; however, if medication (either over-the-counter or prescription) isn’t working for you then it’s time to come in for further testing.

Further testing will often include imaging tests such as a CT scan to look for signs of a sinus blockage or other symptoms that might require surgery in order to alleviate the issue. You may require sinus surgery if:

  • You have chronic sinusitis that isn’t responding to treatment
  • You have severe sinus polyps
  • There is an abnormality within the structure of the nose or sinus that requires repair (e.g. deviated septum)
  • An infection has spread to the bone
  • Cancer is detected within the sinus cavity

What kinds of sinus surgery are available?

Sinus surgery is often performed endoscopically, meaning that a small flexible scope is placed into the nose to remove, repair or treat the problem you are dealing with. It’s a common way to treat chronic sinusitis. Of course, balloon sinuplasty is a nonsurgical procedure that often provides patients with the relief they need from chronic sinus symptoms without having to undergo traditional surgery. Balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive and requires far less recovery time.

However, sometimes traditional surgery may be necessary to repair structural deformities, remove diseased tissue and even reconstruct certain areas of the sinuses.

Arizona ENT in Sun City West and Sun City, AZ, wants to help you finally get the relief you need from nagging, miserable sinus symptoms so that you can go out there and enjoy that breath of fresh air. We want you to be able to stop and smell the flowers. Call us today to learn more.

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