Treating Tonsillitis

How your throat doctors in Sun City West, AZ, can help with tonsillitis

Chronic sore throats can be upsetting to your child, and they can also be a sign of tonsillitis. If you think your child may be suffering from Tonsillitistonsillitis, it’s best to visit the experts, your ear, nose, and throat specialists. They can help your child feel better and give you peace of mind. The ENT specialists at Arizona ENT can help with tonsillitis and other ear, nose, and throat conditions. They have convenient office locations in Sun City West and Sun City, AZ.

Your child can develop tonsillitis after suffering viral or bacterial infections like strep throat. That’s why it’s important to use preventive measures to stay healthy. Teach your child to:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry their hands several times each day
  • Avoid sharing eating utensils, food, or beverages with others
  • Cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Use a new toothbrush after being ill, and discard the old toothbrush

Even with the best prevention, your child can still develop tonsillitis. When the tonsils become inflamed, your child may experience:

  • Red, irritated, swollen tonsils
  • A white coating on your child’s tonsils
  • Chronic sore throat and bad breath
  • Difficulty swallowing and hoarseness
  • Swollen lymph nodes and a fever

Young children may also have a loss of appetite, stomach pain, and fussiness. If your child is showing any of the signs or symptoms listed above, it’s time to visit your ENT specialist. At Arizona ENT your throat doctor may recommend antibiotic medication to clear up any infection.

A common treatment for recurrent severe tonsillitis is to remove the tonsils, a procedure known as a tonsillectomy. The procedure is performed in an operating room and typically your child will go home on the same day. Your child will be given a sedative and placed under general anesthesia. Tonsil removal takes about 30 minutes, with recovery time taking between 1 to 4 hours.

If your child develops tonsillitis, don’t panic. Your ENT specialist can help. Just call your throat doctor at Arizona ENT, with offices in Sun City West and Sun City, AZ. Call today, and help your child feel better!

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