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By Arizona ENT
August 19, 2021
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The physicians of Arizona ENT are here to help if you need sinus surgery in Sun City, and Sun City West, AZ. If you have sinus issues, maintain a great relationship with your ENT specialist and look out for signs you may need surgery.


Your sinuses produce mucus that provides moisture and filtration for the airway. This mucus is essential to keeping your nose clean and free of bacteria. Healthy sinuses are important so you can breathe easily, but it's normal for them to get infected or blocked at times. Our doctors can evaluate the severity of your symptoms and determine if you need sinus surgery.

Sinus surgery involves either removing infected or damaged sinus tissue, or polyps and other growths inside the nose and sinuses. Our sinus surgeries are minimally invasive, meaning faster recovery times and fewer post-operative side effects. Your sinuses may be swollen immediately after surgery and there may be some bleeding, but you should notice a significant improvement in your breathing soon.

Signs you may need sinus surgery

It's normal to get a sinus infection up to four times a year, so how do you know when it's something more serious? When should you see your doctor about sinus surgery in Sun City, and Sun City West, AZ?

Frequent or chronic sinus infections are a sign you may need surgery. Track your symptoms to determine if they have lasted for 45 days or longer. This is a chronic infection and may require surgical intervention. Polyps and cysts can also grow in the nasal cavities and obstruct breathing. These will not go away on their own and need to be removed by your doctor during surgery, so contact us as soon as you notice the signs.

Surgery is typically a last resort if more conservative measures or medications haven't improved your sinuses. At Arizona ENT, our skilled physicians can evaluate your sinuses and determine if sinus surgery will help you breathe easier. Contact us for an appointment at (623) 975-1660 or (623) 972-2951 when you need sinus surgery in Sun City, and Sun City West, AZ.


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