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By Arizona ENT
May 22, 2018
Category: ENT Health
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Your ears are so important. What would you ever do without your sense of hearing and your balance--both major functions of your outer, Ear Exammiddle, and inner ear structures? Your Sun City West and Sun City, AZ, ear doctors at Arizona ENT help you care for your hearing and balance. If something seems awry, they help diagnose and treat those disconcerting otolaryngology difficulties so you feel and function at your very best.

Your primary caregiver

Of course, that's your primary care physician. On an annual basis, your family doctor checks your vital signs, weight, and reflexes. He or she also looks checks your vision and does a basic assessment of your eyes, ears, and soft tissues of the mouth and back of the throat. Blood work checks metabolism, cholesterol, blood sugar, and other important measures of health.

If you see your physician with symptoms indicating a problem with your ears, you may be referred to your Sun City West and Sun City ear doctor at Arizona ENT. Our professional team of four board-certified otolaryngologists understands ear symptoms and how to diagnose and treat their causes.

Troublesome ear-related symptoms

Your ​Arizona ENT doctors can help you if you persistently exhibit these symptoms:

  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Hearing loss
  • Motion sickness
  • Tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears)
  • Ear pain
  • Cerumen (wax) build-up
  • Decreased hearing
  • Drainage from the ear
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Facial pain
  • Nausea and/or vomiting

A complete ear exam includes visual inspection of the outside of the ear (auricle), interior inspection of the canal and eardrum with a lighted otoscope and a tuning fork test, a rudimentary hearing exam. The doctors also conduct audiology examinations to understand the degree and kind of hearing loss, tympanoplasty procedures to repair eardrums, and placement of ventilating ear tubes for prevention of otitis media, or middle ear infection.

Staying balanced

Patients frequently come to Arizona ENT with motion sickness, vertigo, or other balance-related ear symptoms, Your ENT doctor can prescribe in-office or at-home exercises which can correct balance issues.

Come see us

At Arizona ENT, we care for your ears, nose, and throat as if they were our very own. Our highly skilled otolaryngologists pay close attention to symptoms and work diligently to track down and treat their causes. Call us today for an individualized consultation in Sun City West and Sun City, AZ. For the West Meeker Boulevard office, phone (623) 975-1660. For the West Thunderbird location, call (623) 972-2951.

By Arizona ENT
September 14, 2016
Category: ENT
Tags: ear   hearing aids   hearing loss  

It can be a challenge trying to figure out what hearing aid will work best for you. Let us help!

When we lose the ability to hear those around us and enjoy conversations it can take a major toll on our quality of life. Luckily, our teamhearning aid of ENT doctors in Surprise, Sun City, El Mirage, Peoria, Glendale and Sun City West, AZ is here to help. Through the selection of hearing aids we offer there is something for everyone. Here are some factors that go into the decision-making process when you go shopping for a hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Styles in Surprise, Sun City, El Mirage, Peoria, Glendale and Sun City West

Hearing aids differ in size, fit, features and price, so it’s important that you discuss your options with our audiologists to determine which kind is right for you. Here are some of the most common types of hearing aids:

Completely in the Canal (CIC): This is one of the smallest hearing aids available and because it’s molded to fit inside the ear it is less visible.

In the Canal (ITC): Another custom-molded hearing aid, this one only fits partially in the ear. This is usually a great option for those dealing with more mild to moderate forms of hearing loss. It also offers different features that aren’t available with completely-in-the-canal hearing aids.

In the Ear (ITE): In-the-ear hearing aids can be shaped in two different ways: one fills the full outer ear while the other will only fill the lower portion of the ear. This hearing aid can be great for anyone, no matter if their hearing loss is mild or severe. This hearing aid also offers volume control, a feature that you won’t often find in smaller hearing aid styles.

Behind the Ear (BTE): This hearing aid will hook over the top of your ear and connect to a customized earpiece that will stay in the ear canal. This is a great option for patients of all ages and for most forms of hearing loss.

Receiver in Canal (RIC): This style is similar to the behind-the-ear hearing aid but the receiver can either stay in the ear or the canal. The behind-the-ear portion of this hearing aid may be a bit less visible than a BTE hearing aid.

Open fit: This hearing aid is also similar to the BTE hearing aid except the tube that connects the earpiece and the hearing aid is very thin. Because this keeps the ear canals open this allows for high frequencies to be picked up by the hearing aid while allowing low frequencies to naturally be picked up by the ear.

Besides the style of the hearing aid, which plays a rather large part, you’ll want to consider other features such as noise reduction, rechargeable batteries or remote controls, as well as the price when it comes to which hearing aid will work best for you and your lifestyle. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss all these details and more!

Restore your hearing with Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians and enjoy the ease of talking to friends and family again. Call our office serving the Surprise, Sun City, El Mirage, Peoria, Glendale and Sun City West, AZ area today and let us know you are interested in getting a hearing aid.

By Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians
December 15, 2014
Category: Hearing Aids
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Hearing AidsWhen you experience hearing loss, the world feels like you are in a fishbowl. Your communication with others is affected, and this can impact your confidence and sense of well-being. One solution could be hearing aids, if your hearing loss is such that you could benefit reducing background noises that keep you from understanding other’s speech.
Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all. Several options are available to you, each with its own positives and drawbacks. At our Sun City West hearing aids office, we are happy to assist you in selecting the best options for you.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE):

This hearing aid type has an earmold that fits inside the ear canal. Connected to this earmold is a rounded plastic piece that hooks over the ear. While these are more visible than in-the-ear hearing aids, they can amplify more sound than other hearing aid types. People of all ages with many different hearing loss types can utilize these hearing aids.

Extended Wear:

Extended wear hearing aids are not meant for removal on a daily basis. An audiologist places the hearing aid in the ear. After several months, they are replaced with a new pair.

In-the-Canal (ITC):

This hearing aid type is specifically molded to your ear canal. These are the smallest hearing aids available, and are only suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Because they are very small, they utilize small batteries that can require frequent changing.

In-the-Ear (ITE):

In-the-ear hearing aids are slightly larger than ITC hearing aids and fits partially in the ear canal. The ITE hearing aids are also custom-made and their larger size may make them easier to handle.

Middle Ear Implants:

This hearing aid type has two parts: an inner implant that vibrates inside the inner ear and an external portion or receiver.


This hearing aid type has a receiver inside the ear canal and have thin electrical wires that loop around the ear for a more streamlined appearance. They are similar to BTE hearing aids.

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For more information on hearing aids at Sun City West, please call our office at (623) 975-1660. Are you a patient of Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences below!

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