Common Reasons for Sinus Surgery and When It’s Necessary

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Common Reasons for Surgery on Your Sinuses and When It's Necessary

Do you suffer from chronic sinus infections and have tried all treatment options available to no avail? Perhaps surgery is your only hope of correcting your sinus issue. We are here to inform you about the common reasons and necessity for surgery.

Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in Sun City West, AZ, explain that you feel miserable when your sinuses do not drain properly. Additionally, you can develop some secondary chronic sinus infections. 

Many of the surgical procedures we perform involve endoscopic procedures, meaning that the procedure is less invasive than a traditional surgical procedure. Endoscopic surgical procedures are more precise, have faster recovery times, and have fewer side effects. 

Some common reasons for surgery to correct your sinus condition and feel great again include the following. 

  • Polyps
  • Growth in the sinuses/nose
  • Damaged sinus tissue
  • Chronically infected sinuses
  • An obstruction in the nasal passages, such as a foreign object

Once we examine your sinuses, we can only tell you how extensive the surgery on your sinuses may be. Sometimes, we are required to remove damaged sinus tissue, and sometimes, it is a matter of removing pieces of bone so that it corrects the problem to help your sinuses drain well again. 

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Chronic sinus problems are miserable, and when specific treatment approaches do not help ease your sinus condition, you may have no alternative but to seek sinus surgery. If you are in this situation, know that Dr. Bassett and Dr. Hoffman are ready to help you with all your sinus problems, including surgery.

Call Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians today at our Sun City and Sun City West, AZ, locations to schedule a consultation appointment. We review everything you need about your pre- and post-op recovery instructions at this appointment.

This surgery is outpatient; you can go home once you recover from the anesthesia. Allow about five days for healing before you begin to feel much improved. Have confidence in knowing that our doctors are highly experienced and skilled surgeons who can help you with your sinus problem and get you feeling better quickly.

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