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Types of Hearing Aids in Sun City West, AZ

Hearing aids can be a life changing piece of equipment for a hard of hearing person. There are many types of hearing aides that come in all shapes and sizes. Determining which is best for you comes down to personal preference and severity of hearing loss.

Open fit. These small, behind-the-ear style aides which are still larger than in the canal devices, transmit sound to a small speaker in the ear canal. This leaves the canal itself open, and are best for moderate hearing loss.

Behind the ear. These aides rest behind the ear and hook over the top part of the ear. A molded piece fits in the ear and will help with almost all levels of hearing loss.

Full shell. A full shell is worn in the outer ear and is meant for mild hearing loss. While it is more visible, it is usually easier to put into the ear and uses bigger batteries which last longer and do not need to be changed as often.

Half shell. This aide fits on the lower part of the bowl-shaped area of the ear. It is similar to full shell, fits most ears, and is easy to insert and take out.

In the canal. In-the-canal aides are fitted in the ear canal, but not to the degree of completely-in-the-canal hearing aides. Their sizes are similar, but, since it is bigger, in-the-canal hearing aides feature things like volume control that the completely-in-the-canal aides do not have.

Completely-in-the-canal. A completely-in-the-canal hearing aide is less noticeable than other, larger kinds of aides. It uses smaller batteries, which don’t tend to last as long as bigger ones, and does not have volume control, but makes it easier to do things such as talking on the phone. Since it is much less noticeable than the half-shell style, it is able to be worn without being obvious to others and, since it is concealed within the ear canal, does not pick up as much wind noise.

Hearing loss is diagnosed by a battery of tests given by your otolaryngologist. Dr. Ralph E. Bassett, MD can help you diagnose any ear, nose or throat problem you may have.

Dr. Bassett is an expert at hearing loss and, together with his knowledgeable staff, he will guide you to a diagnoses and fit you for a hearing aide today.

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