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Sinus Surgery Procedures in Sun City West, AZ

Sinus surgery requires the removal of diseased sinus tissue to help improve drainage within the sinus cavities. Many sinus surgeries can be performed endoscopically, which provides a less invasive and more precise way to make incisions within the nasal cavity. Endoscopic sinus surgery also offers faster recovery times and fewer post-operative side effects. You may be told you need sinus surgery if you have any of the following conditions:

- Infected or damaged sinus tissue

- Polyps or other growths in the sinuses or nose

- A foreign object in the nasal passages (most common in children)

Surgery is often recommended if it is the most effective way to block an infected or damaged sinus cavity. Those with sinusitis will usually not need surgery to treat their condition; however, if you have chronic sinusitis or you haven’t experienced relief from treatments for several weeks then we may recommend surgery.

How severe the blockage is, as well as other nasal problems, will help us determine how extensive the sinus surgery needs to be. In some cases, we may only need to remove certain infected tissue, while in others we may need to remove pieces of bone to help improve sinus drainage. Our sinus surgeries are performed outpatient at our medical facility. Before surgery we will discuss what anesthesia we will use based on your medical history to ensure that the medication we use will work well for you. We will also discuss whether you should stop taking any medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, prior to your surgery.

Before surgery, we administer an anesthesia to put the patient to sleep and to help him or her remain comfortable throughout the procedure. We will also monitor the patient’s vitals during the surgery to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Sinus surgery usually takes a couple hours to perform.

You will notice some swelling and bleeding for a few days after sinus surgery. We will discuss what kinds of medications you can use to help relieve discomfort after your procedure. The recovery process will depend on how extensive your surgery was; however, some patients start to feel better after about three to five days. Many patients may have nasal packing in their nose to help control bleeding. We will discuss when you can remove the packs. It’s important that you follow all post-operative instructions to prevent complications from arising.

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