Do I need a hearing aid?

Could your life be improved by hearing aids? Read on to learn more about these devices.

Have you noticed that you're constantly turning up the volume on a radio or television? Do you strain to listen during social or work hearing aidsfunctions? You may be dealing with hearing loss, which is a common problem seen by the otolaryngologists at Arizona ENT in Sun City West, Arizona. Our medical staff - Dr. Ralph Bassett, Dr. Sanford Hoffman, Dr. Paul Borgeson and Audiologist Judith Waiser - often recommend hearing aids to people who visit their office with these and other complaints. They've answered a few of the common questions about hearing aids here.

What are some signs my hearing may be impaired?

Some people naturally mumble or speak at a lower-than-normal volume that makes them difficult to understand. However, if you find yourself needing almost everyone to repeat themselves during a conversation, your hearing may be diminishing. You may also notice that you need to see a person's face while talking with them, a sign that you are unconsciously lip-reading in order to understand what they're saying. Crowded or noisy situations, such as movie theaters, family gatherings or social events, may be especially frustrating because you cannot differentiate a conversation from the background noise. Our Sun City West patients often find themselves withdrawing from activities because the inability to hear can be extremely isolating.

Do I need two hearing aids if I only have loss on one side?

Physicians like those at Arizona ENT in Sun City West often recommend dual hearing aids for their patients, even if one ear is still functioning normally. This allows people to better locate where sounds are coming from; this is especially helpful for amplifying one-on-one conversations in places where there is a lot of background noise. Two hearing aids usually reduces the need to turn up the volume on one side, which cuts back on the screeching "feedback" that can occur when the hearing aid's volume is too high.

How can I get hearing aids?

You will need a full evaluation from one of your Sun City West ENT professionals. The various tests and thorough examination of your ears will help determine if hearing aids will improve your situation.

If you'd like to set up an appointment to have your hearing evaluated, contact our Sun City West office today.

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