How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

Hearing AidsIf you've been noticing a change in the way you hear - sounds are muffled or you're asking people to repeat themselves more frequently - you may be experiencing some hearing loss. Even if you've already contacted Arizona Ear Nose & Throat in Sun City West, Arizona for an appointment, you may still have some questions about how hearing loss is typically treated. Drs. Ralph Bassett, Sanford Hoffman, Paul Borgeson, and Judith Waiser have provided some information here.


The following signs may necessitate a visit to your Sun City West ENT physician:

  • You have started turning up TV or radio volume louder than normal.
  • You have a ringing sensation (tinnitus) in your ears.
  • You can't distinguish nearby sounds from background noise.
  • People have to repeat themselves when talking to you.
  • Hearing voices on the telephone is difficult.

One of our skilled otolaryngologists - Dr. Ralph Bassett, Dr. Sanford Hoffman, Dr. Paul Borgeson, or audiologist Dr. Judith Waiser - will thoroughly analyze your hearing by visual evaluation and testing your ability to hear certain sounds. Your responses and their findings will determine the cause and extent of your hearing loss, and your Sun City West ENT doctor can then make suggestions about the most effective treatment for you.


Medical causes of hearing loss - such as infections, excessive earwax or anatomical abnormalities - are usually treatable with medication or surgery. Other treatments may include hearing aids or cochlear implants, which directly stimulate the auditory nerve, which then signals the part of the brain responsible for hearing. These and other surgical treatments are usually only used if more conservative treatments fail to return hearing to a functional level.

Other ways to manage hearing loss

There is a variety of ways to help people with hearing loss maintain normalcy. Closed captioning displays the dialogue in text form for movies and television, and alerting devices like doorbells, telephone ringers and smoke alarms use flashing lights instead of sound.

Don't let your diminished hearing affect the quality of your life. Contact Arizona Ear Nose & Throat in Sun City West to set up an appointment today!

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