Struggling With Hearing Loss? We Can Help

Losing your hearing, regardless of how you lost it, could cause significant trauma. Different people react to losing their hearing in many different ways, but for most of them, it could lead to physical, social, and psychological issues. If you’re struggling with hearing loss, our ENT specialists here at Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in Sun City and Sun City West, AZ can suggest suitable treatments such as hearing aids, ear wax removal, or surgery.

Treatments for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

The most common hearing loss type, sensorineural hearing loss is usually permanent and is a result of damage to the cilia or auditory nerve. It could result from aging, birth defects, skull or head trauma, working around substantially loud noises, certain infections, Meniere’s disease, ototoxic medications, or acoustic neuroma. Depending on the damage sustained by cilia or auditory nerve, you may be able to treat it with cochlear implants or hearing aids.

Treatments for Conductive Hearing Loss

This hearing loss type typically results from damage or obstruction to the middle or outer ear, which restricts the conduction or transmission of sound into the inner ear. While not everyone could regain their hearing, depending on the extent and exact nature of the problem, some people could regain most or some of their hearing with proper treatment.

In most cases, treating the causes of the blockage such as an ear infection, impacted ear wax, stuck foreign objects, or abnormal growths, could help restore hearing. Foreign objects and wax can be extracted, bacterial infections can be addressed with antibiotic treatment, and abnormal growths can be removed through surgery.

While the treatment options may be limited, our ENT specialists may also offer other suitable solutions such as traditional hearing aids, middle ear implants, bone-anchored implants, or bone-conduction hearing aids.

Treatments for Mixed Hearing Loss

In some cases, conductive and sensorineural hearing loss could result in mixed hearing loss. For instance, having impacted earwax could complicate existing sensorineural hearing loss. When this happens, treatment options will be dependent on the particular conductive and sensorineural hearing loss conditions that you have. Depending on the specifics of your case, your doctor may advise treatment for either the conductive or sensorineural hearing loss or both.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, don’t lose hope. With proper and prompt treatment, you may have the chance to reverse your hearing loss, whether through surgery, simple earwax traction, or hearing aids. Call Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians in Sun City and Sun City West, AZ. For Sun City, dial (623) 972-2951 and for Sun City West, (623) 975-1660 and schedule your appointment now.

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