Do You Need Hearing Aids?

Do you feel like you are missing out on things because you can't hear what people are saying?  It may be that you need hearing aids in Sun City West, AZ.  Dr. Ralph Bassett, Dr. Sanford Hoffman, and Dr. Paul Borgesen of Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians offer the testing you need to determine exactly how much hearing loss you may have.

Do You Need Hearing Aids in Sun City West, AZ?

If your hearing is affecting your ability to enjoy life, it is time to make an appointment with your ENT. There are many tests that can be performed on your ears to determine how much hearing loss you have. You will see an otolaryngologist who specializes in issues of hearing. You will be placed in a room that is quiet and you wear headphones. Tones will be played into each ear, some will be very low, and some will be very high. You will let them know when you can hear the sound. This allows them to determine where your hearing loss is. 

This is just one test, your doctor or audiologist will decide if other tests are necessary. After all the testing is done, recommendations can be made about what type of hearing aid will be best suited to you and your lifestyle. 

Types of Hearing Aids

The degree of hearing loss that you have will determine which type of hearing is best for your amount of loss, but depending on how you feel about the cosmetic aspects of a hearing aid, may also determine your choice. 

Behind the ear

Everyone has seen them, the hearing aids that have the battery located behind the ear. These are called behind-the-ear hearing aids, and you can also opt for open fit which also has a behind-the-ear component but is smaller. 

In the ear

Full shell and half shell are located inside the ear but not in the ear canal. They are easy to get in and out of the ear.

In the ear canal

In the canal and completely in the canal are two smaller hearing aids that are pretty much invisible and smaller than the other types.

Talking to your otolaryngologist can help you to decide which style will not only improve your hearing but make you feel good about wearing a hearing aid. To schedule a hearing test to determine if you need hearing aids in Sun City West, AZ, contact Dr. Bassett, Dr. Hoffman, and Dr. Borgesen at Arizona Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians. You can reach our office at (623) 975-1660.

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